Knee type milling machines
UHM250/300x1250 universal horizontal milling machines
  1. This model UHM250 knee type universal horizontal milling machine is used for milling the flat surfaces,the inclined surfaces, the vertical surfaces and the slots/grooves with the disc cutters, the angular cutters, the formed cutters and the face metal milling cutters;
  2. When equipped with the vertical milling head or the universal milling head, this horizontal milling machine will be able to perform milling operations in various directions. When equipped with the rotary table, helix grooves and formed rings can be milled. With the universal dividing head, the machine will be able to cut spur gears M=3mm, helical gears, bevel gears, etc.;
  3. The worktable on this horizontal milling machine can swivel by 45 degrees both in the clockwise direction and in the anti-clockwise direction;
  4. Due to its versatile applications, this horizontal milling machine is well suited for repair shops and tool rooms for single piece and lot production;
  5. A Digital Readout system can be mounted on this milling machine upon customer request. 


 Unit  UHM250  UHM300
 Worktable size  mm  250 x 1250  300 x 1250
 T slots (Number x Width x Distance)   mm   3 x 14 x 63 

Travels of 


 Longitudinal    mm   800
 Cross  mm  235
 Vertical  mm  440
 Maximum swivel angle of worktable   Degrees  ±45
 Maximum loading capacity of worktable  KG  250
 Power feeding speeds ranges                                   Longitudinal  mm/Minute   15 - 800 
 Cross  mm/Minute  15 - 800 
 Vertical  mm/Minute   6 - 270
 Rapid traverse speeds  Longitudinal  mm/Minute   2100
 Cross  mm/Minute   2100
 Vertical  mm/Minute   880
 Distance between spindle centerline and ram   mm   161
 Distance between vertical guideways to spindle centerline of vertical milling head  mm   290
 Distance between spindle nose to worktable  mm   30-470 
 Arbor diameters   mm   φ22, φ27 
 Spindle hole taper   ISO 40 
 Spindle speed steps   12
 Spindle speed range  RPM  35 - 1600 
 Main motor power   KW  4
 Main motor rated speed   RPM  1420
 Feed motor power  KW  0.75 
 Feed motor speed  RPM  1460 
 Cooling pump motor power   KW  0.12
 Cooling pump motor rated speed   RPM  2760
 Cooling pump capacity   L/Minute  25
 Overall size, L x W x H  mm  1750 x 1500 x 1706
 Packing size, L x W x H   mm   1540 x 1650 x 1960 
 Voltage, Frequency   380V, 50Hz 
 Net weight (Approx.)  KG  1650  1700

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