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Delivery of 1800mm large-bore self-centering chuck

We delivered the 1800m large-bore 3-jaw self-centering chuck which was an entirely customized chuck. To ensure its high rigidity this 3-jaw self-centering chuck had its base made of casting steel. 

This large-bore 3-jaw self-centiner chuck can be used on vertical lathes, horizontal lathes, welding positioners where large workpieces can be quickly concentrically held by the self-centering chuck jaws. On request other numbers of jaws like 4-jaw, 6-jaw, 8-jaw etc. can be built on the large-bore self-centering chuck.

A2-11, A2-15, A2-20, A2-28 etc. back mounts are available. Other types of mounts also can be produced as per your special requirepments.



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