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Inventory products: 4 Sets of 1000mm heavy-duty 4-jaw independent chucks in stoc

We have in stock 4 sets of 1000mm 4-jaw heavy-duty independent chucks with bolt-on box jaws. These 1000mm heavy-duty chucks, having A2-15 short-taper direct back mount, are for heavy-duty horizontal lathes or other machines. Chuck bases are made of casting steel. On request, we can also produce in several days these chucks with ODs of other sizes and other types of back mount to match the spindle noses on your machines. 

These 4-jaws heavy-duty chucks have their bases made of steel to feature premium rigidity to carry huge works up to 60 Tons with assistant supporting from steady rests and tailstock. They are widely used in sectors of nuclear enery equipment manufacturing, roll turning, huge-stuff welding etc.. Their box jaws, also called boring mill jaws, can be used on other machines like vertical lathes, welding positioners, large gantry milling machines, boring mills, deep hole boring mills etc., to extend its versatility value in operations. 

Whether there is a need of chucks for new machines, or for upgrading / refurbishing machines to CNC ones, please inquire us to get a valuable proposal on how the proper chucks should be designed and produced via





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