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OD 1600mm 4-Jaw independent chuck, A2-15 back mount

We delivered our OD 1600mm 4-jaw independent chuck with A2-15 back mount, which was to be mounted on a large horizontal lathe. It will carry the workpiece of 15 Tons together with the assistance from steady rests. This OD 1600mm chuck has 2-piece bolt-on type jaws. On requests, other type of back mounts such as A2-20, C-15, C-20, D-15, D-20 can also be supplied.  

Our independent chucks can be made to order with outer diameters up to 2000mmm or even larger on request. Wide variety of special design features can be realized on our chucks on requests, including but not limited to:

  • Chuck numbers can be 4, 6, 8 or more;

  • Chuck bases can be made of cast iron, casting steel, forging steel, depending on the weights of workpieces it hold;

  • Heavy-duty chucks with bolt-on independent box jaws and steel bases can be produced to order.

    OD 1600mm 4-jaw independent chuck.jpg

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