Chucks and jaws
1600mm 4-Jaw independent chuck

We aways keep various sizes of large-diameter 4-jaw chucks in stock from OD 500 - OD 2000mm or even larger ones. Standard back mounts on our large 4-jaw chucks are A1, A2, C, D types of numbers 11, 15, 20, 28, among them A2-15, A2-20, D11, D20 are the most common types available for immediate shipment.

The construction of our chuck jaws can be two-piece or one-piece on your request. The chuck jaws can also be bolt-on independent box jaws in case a heavy-duty chuck is needed. We can customize the chucks exactly as per your special needs. 

Whenever you need a large 4-jaw independent chuck in your machine refurbishment job for a horizontal lathes or special purpose lathes such as an oil field country lathes, please contact us

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