Steady rests
19-60mm Grinder hydraulic steady rest


  • Custom made to hold 19-60mm diameters hydraulic steady rests for cylindrical grinders;
  • Widely used for grinding shafts and camshafts etc.;
  • Cylinder rear mounted, also can be side mounted on request;
  • Carbide tipped for stable clamping on workpiece;
  • Well shielded to be free away from swarf on this hydraulic steady rests;
  • Supporting brackets can be supplied;
  • Always can be custom designed and made for even only one piece of hydraulic steady rest.

Model:                                           HSR19-60/G

Minimum clamping diameter:     19 mm

Maximum clamping diameter:     60 mm

Hydraulic cylinder diameter:       30 mm

Rated hydraulic pressure:            6-30 Bar

Maximum clamping force:           850 N

Clamping force @ 20 Bar:           560 N

Centering accuracy:                     0.02 mm

Repeatability accuracy:               0.002 mm

Net weight:                                    11 KG





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