Horizontal band saws
Horizontal band saw, cut Dia. 400mm, Sq. 500x400mm

Main features:

  1. This Double-column Horizontal Band Sawing Machine is the combination of mechanism, electrics and hydraulic system. It's the sawing and cutting equipment of heavy-duty or medium-duty with high productivity. 
  2. Chromized treatment on surface of columns that are uniform in size; synchronous double cylinders for lift and drop of saw beam, so constant in sawing performance; hydraulic or manual way optional for holding the work-piece; both front and rear vice clamps for fastening work-piece and saw blade running inside; adjustable tungsten-steel block as the direction guide that guarantees the sawing precision; easy to operate, narrow in kerf, material and energy-saving, scientific in structure, nice in look, and high in productivity.


Model BS400-400X500

Cutting range, mm

Dia.400 mm; Sq. 400x500 mm

Feeding speed, mm/min

Stepless speed control

Linear velocity of saw blade, m/min


Saw blade size, mm


Total power, KW


Working Clamping Method


Saw Blade Tensioning


Overall size, LxWxH, mm



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