Cylindrical grinders
UCG200x750 universal cylindrical grinder, Max. grinding OD 200mm

General description:
This model UCG200X750 universal cylindrical grinding machine features a simple and compact structure, T-shaped layout, and easy operations. It is a general-purpose grinding machine used for grinding external/internal cylindrical/tapered surfaces on axis-symmetrical workpieces. Due to its easy operations and efficiency on performance and productivity, this universal cylindrical grinding machine is widely used in the single-piece, small-batch or mass production in workshops.

Main structures:
This universal cylindrical grinding machine consists mainly of the work head, the tailstock, the grinding wheel head, the internal grinding attachment, the worktable, the cross feeding mechanism, the hydraulic system, the cooling system, the lubrication system and the electrical system;

Machine features:

1. Heavy machine bed on this cylindrical grinding machine provides a rigid base to support all the units and features high stiffness and adequate length to support the worktable on all positions. All guideways are hardened and precision ground to ensure a long-term high accuracy;

2. The work head is usually located at the left end of the worktable but can also be moved to any desired positions along the longitudinal direction on the worktable. It swivels on an infinitely adjustable scale from 0 degree to counter-clockwise 90 degrees to grind conical surfaces; A variable-frequency motor is mounted on the work head to drive the spindle, thus the spindle speeds can be conveniently adjusted through operating the variable-frequency converter which drives the spindle motor. A tailstock mounted on the worktable holds the workpieces with the work head. It moves and locates on any position along the worktable;

3. The worktable longitudinal movements can be actuated steplessly at variable speeds by the hydraulic forces or be driven with hand wheel. It swivels counter-clockwise up to 5 degrees and clockwise up to 5 degrees. It consists of the upper table and the lower table. On the guideways of the lower table, there are pressured lubrication cavity which receives lubrication oil to slightly float the table and lubricates its guideways;

4. The cross feeds of the grinding wheel head can be hydraulically driven to perform micro feeds and rapid traverses. It can also be manually driven with the hand wheel to perform rough / fine feeds;

5. Independent lubrication system, coolant system and hydraulic system. They not only provide efficient lubrication, hydraulic power and cooling, but also allow the whole grinding machine to avoid being affected by the heat generated in grinding process and transmitted in above systems;

6. Fumigate package with tough pallet on bottom to ensure a safety and consolidated seafreight.

Standard accessories:

3-Jaw self-centering chuck, OD 120mm;
Open-type steady rest;
Carbide tipped center, MT #4;
Internal grinding attachment, 10000 RPM speed;
External grinding wheel, OD400 x Width40 x ID203;
Internal grinding wheel, OD50 x Width25 x ID13;
Grinding wheel pressing plate;
Grinding wheel periphery dresser;
Grinding wheel balancing mandrel;
Grinding wheel detaching wrench;
Measuring bridge plate;
Machine leveling pads;
Driving rod and lathe dog;
Coolant system.

Optional accessories:

Grinding wheel balancing stand;
Magnetic separator;
Center grinding attachment.

Specifications Unit UCG200x750 
Distance between centers mm  770  
Center height mm  125
Diameter ground (OD) mm 8 - 200
Diameter ground (ID) mm  13 - 100 
Maximum length ground (OD) mm  750 
Maximum length ground (ID) mm 125
Maximum weight of workpiece KG 600
Swivel angle Degrees  Counter clockwise 90 
Center taper MT  #4 or #3
Spindle speed RPM 60, 85, 230, 120, 170, 460
Wheel spindle speed RPM  2230 / 1820
Maximum wheel velocity m/Second 38
Wheel rapid traverse travel mm 20
Maximum travel of wheel mm  150
Swivel angle Degrees  ±30 
Feed per handwheel revolution mm Rough: 2; Fine: 0.5
Feed per graduation on handwheel scale mm Rough: 0.01; Fine: 0.0025
Maximum size of grinding wheel (OD x Width x ID) mm  400 x 40 x 203
Spindle speed RPM 10000/15000 
Size of grinding wheel (OD x Width x ID) mm Max. 50 x 25 x 13
Feed per hand wheel revolution mm  6
Maximum swivel angle Degrees Clockwise: 5; Widdershins: 5
Longitudinal rapid traverse speed mm/Minute 10 - 4000
Center taper MT  #4 or #3
Quill travel mm 25
Grinding wheel head motor KW 4
Internal grinding attachment motor KW 0.75
Work head motor KW 0.75
Net weight KG 2600
Gross weight KG  3100 
Packing size mm  2700 x 1600 x 1800 

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