Horizontal lathes
BLQ2360Kx1000 Horizontal engine lathe


  1.  Geared head with high spindle speeds for precision turning;
  2.   Hardened and precision ground gears are featured in the headstock and gearbox;
  3.   Very rigid machine bed with heavy ribbing; 
  4.   Bed ways ultrasonic frequency quenching hardened and precision ground;
  5.   D1-4 spindle is precision ground for accuracy and supported on high-precision tapered roller bearings;
  6.   Headstock is constantly oiled during operation;
  7.   Splined, not keyed, shafts are utilized in the headstock;
  8.   Gearbox gives large threading and feed capabilities with no need for gear changes;
  9.   Gap bed section provided for larger diameter workpiece;
  10.   Independent lead screw and feed rod;
  11.   Spindle actuation control is apron mounted;
  12.   Automatic feed and threading are fully interlocked;
  13.   Inch-metric thread chasing dials are supplied as standard accessories; 
  14.   Compound rest and cross slide have backlash elimination;
  15.   Adjustable gibs are incorporated in the carriage and the bed ways;
  16.   Tailstock may be offset for turning tapers and includes an inch-metric graduated quill;
  17.   Tolerance test certificate included with machine in supply; 
  18.   Heavy-duty Stand;
  19.   150mm 3-jaw direct mount scroll self-centering chuck with two sets of jaws;
  20.   200mm 4-jaw independent chuck with reversible jaws;
  21.   250mm face plate;
  22.   40mm Diameter spindle bore, option as 51mm; 
  23.   Four-way tool post;
  24.   Steady rest and follow rest
  25.   Micro-carriage bed stop;
  26.   Front removable chip tray;
  27.   Spindle jog button;
  28.   Pedal brake for quick start or stop of the machine decreases the standby time;
  29.   Main power supply is shut off automatically when the electricity cabinet door is opened or the change gear box hood is opened;
  30.   Coolant system with splash guard;
  31.   Metric change gears;
  32.   Halogen work lamp;
  33.   Centers MT #3, MT#5 and headstock center adpating sleeve;
  34.   Machine color decided by buyer.

Standard accessories:

1. 3-Jaw self-centering chuck (160mm) c/w reversible top jaws;    

 2. 4-Jaw chuck (200mm) with reversible top jaws;

 3. Face plate (250mm);

 4. Steady rest;

 5. Follow rest;

 6. Dead center MT #5;

 7. Dead center MT #3;

 8. Center adapting sleeve MT #5/#3;

 9. Thread chasing dial;

 10. Splash guard;

 11. Halogen work lamp;

 12. Stand & oil tray;

 13. Toolbox & tools;

 14. Coolant system; 
 15. Pedal brake   

Optional accessories:

1. 2-Axis (or 3-Axis) digital readout system;

 2. Quick change tool post, with one pc of tool holder;

 3. Lead screw guard;

 4. Chuck guard;

 5. Live center MT #3;

 6. 5C collet chuck with collets of sizes range decided by customer;

 7. Taper turning attachment;

 8. Other accessories on requests.

Model BLQ2360Kx1000
Distance between centers 1000 mm
Swing over bed 360 mm
Swing over gap 508 mm
Swing over cross slide 210 mm
Bed width 260 mm
Taper of spindle bore MT #5
Spindle nose D1-4
Spindle bore 40 mm
Steps of spindle speeds 12
Range of spindle speeds 40-1800 rpm
Range of cross feeds 0.024-0.359 mm/rev.
Range of longitudinal feeds 0.043-0.653 mm/rev.
Range of Inch threads 4-56 T.P.I. /28 Kinds
Range of Metric threads 0.4-7 mm /37 Kinds
Top slide travel 92 mm
Cross slide travel 180 mm
Tailstock quill travel 120 mm
Taper of tailstock quill MT #3
Motor 2.2 KW, 400V/3Ph/50Hz
Packing size 1900x750x1510 mm
Net weight 1150 KG
Gross weight 1350 KG









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