Knee type milling machines
Universal horizontal milling machine, table 2000x425mm

  1. This HM425 knee-type plain horizontal milling machine is suitable for milling the flat surfaces, the inclined surfaces, the angular surfaces and the slots with the disc cutters, the angular cutters, the formed cutters and the face-milling cutters. When equipped with the dividing head, this plain milling machine can perform milling operations on gears, cutters, helix grooves, cams and tub wheel;
  2. On this plain milling machine, the base and the column are made of one-piece high-density resin grey iron castings to ensure the whole machine has high rigidity. All the guideways on this plain milling machine are hardened with high-frequency quenching and precision ground to keep long term stable accuracy;
  3. Large worktable as 2000x425mm to carry large workpieces. The worktable of this plain milling machine can perform manual feeds, power feeds and rapid traverses in all the longitudinal, cross and vertical directions;
  4. Cantilever mounted control console provides convenience for the operations;
  5. When equipped with the dividing heads, the vertical milling heads, the universal milling heads and the machine vises, this plain milling machine can extend its machining scope;
  6. On customer request, a Digital Readout system can be mounted to monitor accurately the real-time movements of the worktable to ensure the high-precision machining.

Specifications  Unit  HM425
 Worktable size (Length x Width)  mm  2000 x 425
 Worktable travels  Longitudinal (Manual/Power)   mm   1200/1180 
 Cross (Manual/Power)  mm   410/400 
 Vertical (Manual/Power)  mm   460/450 
 Feed steps of worktable    15 
 Feed speed range  Longitudinal   mm/Minute   10 - 1250 
 Cross  mm/Minute  10 - 1250
 Vertical  mm/Minute  2.5 - 315
 Distance between spindle centerline with worktable  mm   30 - 480  
 Spindle speeds  RPM  18 - 1400, 20 Steps 
 Main motor power  KW  11
 Overall size, L x W x H  mm   2614 x 2497 x 2043 
 Net weight, Approx.  KG   5300 

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