Mechanical shaping machine, max. shaping length 500, 650mm


  1. These shaping machines are designed for cutting flat and formed surfaces on various kinds of small or medium sized workpiece. It can also be used to cut surfaces in special shape if equipped with a special vice or a dividing head and it is suitable for single piece and small batch production as well.
  2. The main cutting motion of these shaping machines is linear motion converted from circular motion of gears by linkblock mechanism. They feature with smooth transmission, short overange and less consumption of power, and are easy to start and stop.
  3. Equipped with a tool lifter, these shaping machines worktable can perform rapid traverses in both the vertical and the horizontal directions. These shaping machines, with pleasing appearance and stable performance accuracy, can be operated and maintained conveniently.

Performance accuracy:

1. Flatness accuracy of shaped surfaces: 0.025 mm;
2. Parallelism of the shaped surface to the datum reference: 0.03 mm;
3. Parallelism of one shaped side surface to its opposite shaped side surface: 0.05 mm;
4. Perpendicularity of the shaped side surface to datum reference: 0.02 mm;
5. Shaped surface roughness: Ra6.3μm.

Description MPC500E MPC650B  
Max.shaping length 500 650 mm
Max.range of the horizontal movement of the table 525 630 mm
Max.distance between the ram bottom and table 370 380 mm
Max. length of the vertical movement of table 270 315 mm
Dimensions of table top (length×width) 440×360 630×400 mm
Max.stroke length of the toolhead 120 120 mm
Swivel angle of the toolhead ±60° ±60° Degrees
Max.section of tool(W×H) 20×30 20×30 mm
Number of ram reciprocation per minute 14-80 14-80 No../min
Range of table feed:                                          horizontal
Speed of rapid traverse of table:                     horizontal
Width of the T-slot for center positioning 18 18 mm
Power of the main motor 3 3 KW
Power of the motor for rapid travel of table 0.55 0.55 KW
Net weight (approx) 1800 2200 kg
Dimensions of machine tool (Length×Width×High) 2160×1070×1194 2382×1210×1504 mm


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