CNC shaping machine, max. shaping length 1200mm

This model CNC-P1200 CNC controlled shaping machine has a hydraulic shaping machine as its main machine. It is a popular shaping machine in an innovative design. On this shaping machine, the hydraulic transmission system and the mechanical system have been optimized with high precision components such as the ball screws to ensure the high performance accuracy on this machine.

The integrated NC control system makes this shaping machine to carry out the high precision shaping on complex curved surfaces. Irregularly shaped special workpieces which are difficult to be machined on CNC machining centers or CNC milling machines, such as the curved surfaces on the crystallizers used in the steel mills, the curved surfaces on the fan impellers on the blowers, can be machined on this NC controlled shaping machine. This NC shaping machine can perform the mass production.

Flexiable NC control, high performance accuracy, powerful servo motor, high rigidity, high efficiency, large cutting force, simple strucutre of cutter, low cost, convenient workpiece exchanging comprise the great advantages of this NC shaping machine, making it a optimal choice for your workshop. Especially, this NC shaping machine has the incomparable advantages over the CNC machining centers and the CNC milling machines in machining various kinds of curved surfaces on workpieces.

Performance accuracy:
1. Flatness accuracy on shaped tested workpiece: 0.04 mm;
2. Surface roughness on shaped tested workpiece: Ra6.3 μ M - Ra1.6 μm.

Model  CNC-P1200
 Maximum shaping length  1200 mm 
 Maximum cutting force  22000 N
 Maximum length of shaping curved surface  1200 mm 
 Minimum shaping length  200 mm
 Working speed of ram  3-25 m/Minute
 Maximum travel of tool head  160 mm
 Maximum swivel angle of tool support   ± 60 Degrees
 Maximum cross travel of table  800 mm 
 Maximum vertical travel of table  320 mm 
 Maximum sectional size of tool shank (WxH)  30x45 mm 
 Size of upper surface of table (LxW)  1200x500 mm 
 Oil flow rate of pump  40 L/Minute
 Rated working pressure  5 MPa
 Main motor  7.5 KW
 Rapid traverse motor  1.1 KW
 Servo motor torque  8.34 N.M
 Overall size of machine (LxWxH)  4190x1635x1970 mm
 Net weight of machine (Approx.)  5000 KG

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