Traverse head shaping machine, max. shaping length 1000, 1250mm

Heavy duty traverse head shaping machine used for shaping flat surfaces, curved surfaces, key slots, formed surfaces on large heavy workpieces.
Feeding motion and main motion are driven by hydraulic force with speeds steplessly adjustable. Tansmission on this shaping machine is table with overload protection. It features high cutting force, great-weight and large-size loading capacity, high rigidity, low temperature rising in operation, minimal thermo-deformation and stable performance precision.
The sliding carriage on this shaping machine can perform automatic feeding and rapid traverse. Automatic cutter lifer and feeding mechanism are equipped on the tool head, giving convenient operations.

Model  THP1000   THP1250
 Maximum shaping size (L x W)  1000 x 1500 - 2000 mm  1250 x 1500 - 2000 mm
 Ram stroke  80 - 1000 mm  80 - 1250 mm
 Distance from ram bottom to table top surface  1200 mm   1200 mm 
 Maximum travel of tool head  160 mm  160 mm 
 Maximum sectional size of tool shank (W x H)  30 x 35 mm  30 x 45 mm
 Maximum swivel angle of tool head   ± 60 Degrees    ± 60 Degrees 
 Size of of table (L x W)  1000 x 2000 mm   1250 x 2000 mm
 T-slot width on table  28 mm  28 mm 
 Sliding carriage feed per ram reciprocation stroke  0.25 - 3 mm  0.25 - 3 mm 
 Main motor  7.5 KW  7.5 KW 
 Rapid traverse motor  1.5 KW   1.5 KW 
 Overall size of machine (L x W x H)  3605 x 3175 x 2605 mm   3605 x 3400 x 2605 mm
 Net wieght of machine (Approx.)  8000 KG  8400 KG 

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