S350 mechanical shaper, max. shaping length 350mm

  1. Worktable swivels left/right and moves up/down to shape the inclined surfaces;
  2. Cam mechanism is adopted in the feeding system, offering easy and convenient adjustments for feeds;
  3. Overloading safety protection mechanism is adopted in the feeding system. It enables the feeds to automatically slip off to protect the machine in case of overloaded cuttings and wrong operations;
  4. Guide ways and get sets are lubricated with independent oil pump;
  5. Clutch allows speed adjustments, startups and stops to be taken without needing to shut off the power supply.

Model S350
Max. shaping length 350mm
Max. distance from lower edge of ram to table 330mm
Max travels of table           Horizontal 400mm
Vertical 270mm
Max. length between cutter and front bed end      500mm
Max. tool carrier travel     170mm
Max. swivel angle of table  Without vice ±90º
 With vice ±55º
Max. vertical travel of tool head 110mm
Frequency of ram strokes 32,50,80,125vtimes/min
Pawl riding over 1 ratchet tooth  Vertical 0.18mm
Horizontal 0.21mm
Pawl riding over 4 ratched teeth Vertical   0.72mm
  Horizontal 0.84mm
Motor 1.5kw, 1400r/min
Vice measurement (Width * Depth * Max.opening) 180*55*150mm
Overall dimensions(L * W * H) 1390*860*1455mm
Packing size(L * W * H) 1530*930*1370mm
Net weight 1000kgs
Gross weight 1200kgs

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